3D Laser Scanning

Today’s industries increasingly realize the limitless power and versatility of 3D Laser Scanning. The process captures the dimensions and shape of any physical object or environment with precision and high efficiency.

Architecture / Engineering / Construction (AEC)

A powerful tool that allows the creation of accurate digital models of existing buildings, structures, and objects.


Scan-to-BIM is a process used to convert 3D laser scans into Building Information Models (BIMs).


Quickly capture physical objects in digital form, eliminating the need for manual measurements and drawings.


Allows filmmakers to quickly and accurately capture detailed information about objects and environments that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to recreate.



Scan-to-BIM / Architectural 3D Modeling

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a digital representation of the physical and functional characteristics of a building, providing you with information and forming a reliable basis for decisions during its life cycle. Schedule a one-on-one consultation with our experts to find out if it's the right fit for your business!

Office building

Click on the picture to open this massive 3D model, which we created after 3D laser scanning the building.

Educational building

Click on the picture and explore this historic building on one of the most prestigious University campuses in a BIM model.

Commercial building

Our team created this 3D model including MEP. Click on the picture to explore it.

Residential mansion

What a dream house! Scan-to-BIM delivered by our team. Click on the picture to explore the 3D model.

Educational building

The remodeling of this school was mastered with the help of our architectural 3D model. Click on the picture to open the 3D model viewer.


3D Virtual Tours

Recreate your onsite experience online with a virtual tour! Showcase your property amenities, or that cozy dining area for the home you are selling, all from the comfort of your customers’ computer or mobile device.



3D Modeling / Reverse Engineering

We can capture any existing objects with high-precision 3D scanners. The results are the basis for a detailed reverse-engineered 3D model, which can be used for manufacturing, design, quality checks, or simulations.


Real Estate Photography

Showcase your real estate listing with stunning photos created by our professional photographers. Using the newest technology and world-class photo editing, we will become your essential partner in selling or renting your listing in record time.




Photo-realistic renderings will help attract those potential customers for your real estate listings. We can also create still or animated renderings, which provide a realistic preview of something that will exist in the future.


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